Kiantama is famous for its berry products in Finland. 

Since 1973 the company has been processing wild berries for different food and cosmetics products. The location in Kainuu, Finland is perfect as most of Finland’s berries are picked around this area.

Kiantama focuses on the safety of the raw materials as well as the final products. The production is carefully quality controlled and is carried out in accordance with the certified Food Safety Management System ISO 22000.

In production of the different berry products, special care is taken of preserving the high nutritional values of the berries, their delicious taste and color. The majority of the berries used are handpicked from the clean forests of northern Finland. Most popular are bilberries and lingonberries, but also the bit more seldom ones like blackcurrant and sea buckthorn berries are loved by many.


What makes Kiantama special?

Kiantamas values are purity, wholesomeness, fairness, reliability and closeness to nature.

The products are not only GMO-free, but also both Kosher and Halal certified.
Kainuu, where Kiantama is located, has a long and lively tradition of berry picking.

Every year Kiantama invites hundreds of foreign berry pickers to the Finnish forests to come and pick berries during the season.
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